Our business is unique in a few ways:

The directors (and the company’s namesake) remain involved in the day -to-day operation of all components of the development cycle; ensuring the strong values of the company always remain intact through the entire process.

We are the developer and the builder – we don’t build on other people’s land. The first step of Heran’s development process is to envision a brand new, sustainable and vibrant community. It is then that we find the land, develop it, build on it and sell the end product through our various marketers and agents. We take responsibility for the entire development, not just half of it.

We don’t use bank finance. Unlike other developers we don’t rely on our buyers to complete our projects for us. You can take confidence in knowing that when you buy a Heran townhome, there are no external factors that may inhibit the delivery of your purchase (apart from Queensland’s weather of course).

We’re HIA and Master Builders accredited; be confident knowing that your new purchase is being built to exceed Australian Standards.