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Why invest in housing?

Housing has always been considered a stable, long term investment. Whereas some investments are bought and sold in the short term, housing should be held for a longer term. This is to enable the investment to ride out any short term growth variations.

The growth trend line for housing is predominantly rising.

The market place, at the moment, is such that there is a shortage of rental accommodation in the south east corner of Queensland. Recent Current Affairs programs have highlighted the plight of people looking for suitable rental accommodation.

At Heran Building Group, we assess the rental market, and choose our sites that suit the future rental requirements of the market place.

Why choose a Heran property to invest in?

The Heran Building Group has been building properties in South East Queensland since 1952. For any builder to have this history, says that they must be doing something right. We do not require external finance to fund any of our projects, all of them are self-funded. So when we release a development for sale, you can be sure that we will complete the project.

Risk management is a term you hear a lot about with regard to investments. How do you manage the risk of a property investment?

With Heran Building Group, we have taken a lot of the risk out of a property acquisition. The way we achieve this, is by our research of the market situation, and our site selection. We know what the tenants require, and we build properties to meet those requirements. We look to the areas where tenants want to live, with work close by, and transport, shops and government facilities nearby.

Heran Building Group guarantee all of our building works. All of our fittings are supported by supplier guarantees.

What type of property investments are available?

Heran Building Group commenced as housing builders. Since then, we have moved to townhouses, land developments, high rise sites, and low rise projects. We have tried to cover the different types of accommodation, that may suit investors, as well as tenants, or owner occupiers.

Each of our developments have an on-site manager, who is appointed to care for the development, as well as arrange a tenant, and manage your investment. These managers are carefully selected to ensure that they have the experience necessary to successfully carry out their duties.

Your agent can provide you with a more detailed Marketing Pack for any of our developments.

Your next step?

Contact your marketing agent to obtain the further details on any one of the many Heran Building Group projects.

We believe that once you see the quality of our projects, you will feel comfortable with a Heran Building Group investment property.