Finding a Suburb with Heart – 5 ways to tell

When you live in a house, you also live in a community. Taking the time to understand the overall appeal of the suburb before buying a property in Brisbane could add significantly to your quality of living. You can evaluate a suburb on a range of different variables, including:

  1. Lifestyle: Are there local cafés, parks, or shops?
  2. School Catchments: This refers to the geographical location where students must live in order to be eligible for a certain state school’s intake. The popularity of some State Schools has significant impact of values of properties in its area. To match your Brisbane real estate selection with your desired school catchment, simply go to the Queensland Education Catchmap Map.
  3. Walkability: Walkability refers to how easily you can walk to nearby shops, cafés or public spaces, plus the appeal of local streets for pedestrian use. Leaving the car at home can have positive health, environmental and financial impacts, so it’s worth considering when you’re selecting your suburb. What does this mean for you if you’re searching for Brisbane real estate options? Matusik Property Insights recently did a study of roughly 89,500 private dwellings across 24 Brisbane suburbs. They found that places with higher walkability:Achieved higher pricesGrew faster in valueAttracted higher rentsHad fewer vacancies

    Less properties listed for resale

    Resale listings sold faster

    Work out your own Walk Score by visiting or discover Brisbane’s top 10 most walkable suburbs

  4. Public Transport: Plan your daily commute; how easily can you access public transport? Is there a nearby bus stop, train station, or ferry terminal?
  5. Sold properties and auction results: Increase your confidence in a suburb by searching into the sold properties and auction results in the area, equity growth throughout the district, and any other relevant investment data.

Before finalising your list of suburbs as part of your search for real estate in Brisbane, we recommend looking through our Suburb Guides which summarise the most relevant information to help you.